Meet the chef

Craig & Kristi Pexa

Our Story…

Craig Pexa is the man behind the cow, or in other words, the man with the cheese curd recipe! Craig grew up in a family that owned a restaurant, and he acquired many cooking skills from his parents. The Shack, located at the Robert G. Fritz Field in Cologne, is where he started experimenting with the recipe for the perfect cheese curd. Most will agree they taste pretty good, and they have been compared to the State Fair cheese curds. The Shack has become known as the place to get the best cheese curds around.

Together with his wife, Kristi, they decided to take the cheese curds, fresh pattied hamburgers, French fries and now Reuben balls on the road to various events in the area. They take their food trailer, The Squeaky Cow to town celebrations, ball games, and are available for hire for anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and any event where you would like to have cheese curds, Reuben balls and hamburgers served.